Heel Taps Specials & Featured Products

Welcome to Hale Heel Co we make heel taps for shoes and More! Where there are savings in saving your FAVORITE Shoes.

Originally based in Middlefield Mass, Hale Heel Co was in Connecticut from 2003 to 2014, and now based in Southeastern PA in Valley Forge where America was made!

Why do business with Hale Heel Co? For over 54 years our polyurethane No-Noise Heel Taps have reduced shoe repair costs! Our unique polyurethane formula rubber heel taps and toe taps are Made in America an still made in Middlefield MA! Our heel taps help you walk more comfortably and extend the life of your favorite shoes.

Hale Heel Co. heel taps for shoes, boots, or sneakers come in three sizes and can be used as either heel taps or toe taps. Our heel taps are great for dress shoes too. Here are our sizes:

High Heel heel taps, Medium heel taps are 1 inch across, Large heel taps are 1.5 inches across, our X-Large heel taps are 2 inches across.

Our commitment is to keeping the costs of our heel taps as low possible.

Our goal is to Kick the costs out of shoe repair and provide you with the most comfortable walking experience.

We are a family owned business that is looking to expand our line when we find products with the quality of our heel taps and toe taps.

Our Heel Taps and toe Taps are made with our special polyurethane formula. Rubber heel taps are what some people call taps that are non-metal taps. Because they are rubber heel taps they make no noise. Our heel taps last longer because of our polyurethane special blend.

If you try Hale Heel Co heel taps and are not satisfied please let us know. Your satisfaction is our goal always.

Below is how we handle our Shipping & Handling. We keep our Shipping & Handling as low as possible so we can offer you not only the best products but the best pricing too!

Are Rates are as follows:

Order $0.00 - $14.99 Shipping & Handling $7.45

Order $15.00 - $29.99 Shipping & Handling $7.95

Order $30.00 - $39.99 Shipping & Handling $9.95

Order $40.00 and up Shipping & Handling $13.45